short term trips


Uganda Medical Mission Trip: January 22-February 6

Reynosa Pastors’ Conference Trip: January 23-26

Rwanda/Uganda Pastors’ Conference Trip: July 1-13

Uganda Medical Mercy Trip – July 10-23 (contact Craig for more information)

Big Mexico Summer Mission Trip: July 17-23

Rio Bravo Pastors’ Conference Trip: October 23-26

Mexico House Building Trip: December 26-31

In 1999, we began sending teams to Reynosa during the summer for short-term trips in conjunction with another organization. When this other group eventually decided to stop organizing trips to Reynosa, we had a decision to make: do we cut ties with the people and churches that we have had the opportunity to impact in city filled with need, or do we do the keep going back for the sake of the increasing impact that God might see fit to make through us? We chose the second option! All of our efforts in Reynosa are done in conjunction with our sister church, Prince of Peace Bible Church. Our efforts in Reynosa are typically broken into the Big Mexico Summer Trip, Mexico Pastors’ Conference Trips, and a Mexico House Building Trip.

Big Mexico Summer Mission Trip –We host VBS for the children, a sports outreach for the older kids, a Bible study for the women of the church who carry the torch of faith in the home, delivered school supplies to families in need, and held a clinic covering general medicine, dentistry and vision. The building team pours the foundations for the homes to be built on the House Building Trip. The communities and churches continue to grow, and the efforts to help in this are only possible by your help through giving, prayer, and going! Whether though prayer, your presence, or financial support we would love for you to take part! The cost of this trip is $500.

Mexico Pastors’ Conference Trips – We typically send teams down twice a year, once to Reynosa and once to Rio Bravo with the goal of better equipping Mexican pastors. The majority of pastors have no prior formal training, must work full-time in addition shepherding their local church, and experience quite a bit of hardship. It is a joy to get to encourage and build into these faithful men. The call to make disciples by equipping pastors, their wives, and families is in line with our philosophy to “know Christ better, and make Him known.” Participants on this trip will assist with administration and food preparation for pastors and their wives. The cost of this trip is $250.

Mexico House Building Trip – Every year we have the God-given opportunity to reach several families in need in the congregation of our sister church in Reynosa, Mexico by building cinder block houses for them. The cost of this trip is $250.

In 2017, we put the call to build homes for families in need on hold. We did this to answer the call given to us through the Book of Haggai “Go up into the mountains and bring down timber and build my house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored,’ says the Lord.” Haggai 1:8. We built a House of God for all the families in a newly founded community. This church was named Casa de Bendicion (House of Blessing Church!). As we finished this project, we looked at the conditions of the other churches within Pastor Jesus Castellanos’ care, and we saw they need to be repaired and updated. In Haggai, the prophet wrote “Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this house remains a ruin?” In answer to this question, in 2018, we tiled floors, finished classroom space, finished kitchen space, and poured a concrete roof to replace one damaged by fire at Prince of Peace Church. In 2019, we returned to building homes for members in Casa De Bendicion Church (House of Blessing Church). We bought a lot for a parsonage for the church, built the home on it, and provided shelter for 2 other families in the congregation! It is our hope that these three new homes become beacons of light for the surrounding community, and that Casa de Bendicion continues to thrive as a church.

In 2021 we BCBC built houses #33, #34 and built a fellowship room for Bread of Life Church.

Uganda Medical Mission Trip –  Help with medical care and teaching. Medical professionals and others needed. Click here for more information. The cost of this trip is $4,000.