local outreach

We have many local outreach opportunities that seek to bring the light of the Gospel to a variety of people by variety of means. Some are more formal and some are more grassroots. They vary not only by venue, time, and focus, but even by the style of evangelism. Take a look and pray about where God might be calling you to be involved.

American Heritage Girls

  • Point-Person: Christine Hines
  • When: Tuesday Evenings
  • Evangelism Style: Interpersonal
  • Focus: American Heritage Girls is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country.

Church Plant – Haslet Bible Church

  • Point-Person: John Salvesen
  • Phone: 817-479-0217
  • When: Planning Phase – Hope to start February 2022
  • Evangelism Style: Interpersonal/ Proclamational / Testimonial
  • Focus: Planning Phase

Door to Door

  • Point-Person: John Salvesen
  • Phone: 817-479-0217
  • When: Anytime! (Saturdays are best)
  • Evangelism Style: Interpersonal / Testimonial / Invitational
  • Focus: Let me know and I’ll train you and go with you!

Evergreen Senior Apartments

  • Point-Person: James Murray
  • Phone: 817-577-4785
  • When: Sunday Mornings
  • Evangelism Style: Proclamational / Testimonial
  • Focus: By providing a Sunday morning church service at the apartments, we not only strengthen faith and bolster hope, but we provide an opportunity for the residents to build community within their own complex. The gospel can be presented through messages and testimonies.


  • Point-Person: Mike Saum
  • Phone: 817-479-0217
  • When: TBD
  • Evangelism Style: Interpersonal / Relational
  • Focus: Helping at-risk children.

Human Coalition/The Women’s Clinic of Grapevine 

  • Point-Person: TBD
  • Website: www.thewomens.clinic/grapevine/
  • Phone: 817-200-4396
  • When: Scheduled Times
  • Evangelism Style: Interpersonal / Intellectual
  • Focus: To work as a counselor to women in crisis pregnancy. Requires some training.

LaDora Nursing Home

  • Point-Persons: Pat Landers
  • Phone: 817-798-9341
  • When: TBD
  • Evangelism Style: Interpersonal / Proclamational
  • Focus: Nursing home chapel services and visitation


  • Point-Person: Kyle Davison
  • Phone: 817-479-0217
  • When: Sundays (once a month), 6:30pm
  • Evangelism Style: Interpersonal / Proclamational
  • Focus: Reaches teens with the gospel

Mercy House

  • Point-Person: TBD
  • Website: www.mercyhouse.org
  • Phone: 817-369-4628
  • When: Varies
  • Evangelism Style: Interpersonal / Service

Metroplex Christian Hockey Association

  • Point-Person: Justin Taylor
  • Phone: 817-300-4888
  • When: Games on Sunday afternoons / evenings and some Monday evenings.
  • Evangelism Style: Interpersonal / Relational
  • Focus: We serve our community by spreading the love of Christ through the fellowship of ice hockey.

Tennis Ministry 

  • Point-Person: John Salvesen
  • Phone: 817-479-0217
  • When: varies
  • Evangelism Style: Relational/ Interpersonal/ Proclamational
  • Focus: Evangelical opportunities through tennis.

The Gardens @ BCBC

  • Point-Person: Sean Pera
  • Phone: 817-733-7702
  • When: Varies 
  • Evangelism Style: Service
  • Focus: To build and grow the gardens to help raise funds for the Mercy House.

Trail Life

  • Point-Person: Justin Taylor
  • Phone: 817-581-0645
  • When: Tuesday Evenings
  • Evangelism Style: Interpersonal
  • Focus: Trail Life USA is a Christ-centered scouting organization for boys and young men. The focus is on adventure, character, and leadership in order to raise courageous young men who honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and value outdoor adventure.


  • Point-Person: Sharon Campbell 
  • Phone: 817-479-0217
  • When: June
  • Evangelism Style: Interpersonal / Testimonial / Proclamational
  • Focus: VBS is an outreach event that provides adults & teens with a variety of venues to share their faith with kids.