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At BCBC we, recognize the pivotal importance of young families and the difficulties they face. We seek to foster a burden-bearing community of young families primarily through small groups and events.

Flocks (small groups)

BCBC strongly believes that a small group ministry is essential to a healthy church. Of the many small groups that make up BCBC, there are 3 that are especially focused on developing fellowship amongst folks in this unique stage of life.


YF-1YF-2Beyond the regular rhythm of small group community, events are a great way to build fellowship among both parents and kids. Here are a few types of events that we regularly organize for the sake of building fellowship together (we’ll forecast the next upcoming events during Sunday morning announcements):

  • Family Nights Out
  • 4th of July Picnic (while technically an all-church event, we host it with an intentionality for being especially accessible to families with young kids)