axis parenting resources

We are excited to announce that we have recently partnered with a ministry called Axis. Why does this matter to you? We have acquired a library of resources designed to help you better understand the world teens are living in and equip you to walk in discipleship with the teens in your life! Axis is a ministry that helps bridge the gap between pop culture and theology in order to help you connect the generational gap you may feel at times. This library of resources is called the All Axis Pass. We now have written, audio, and video resources that will help us to love our students well. Here’s a sample of what we have access to:

  • The Culture Translator Premium — A weekly email that digests things happening in your student’s culture to help you engage their world (sign up here:
  • Parent Guides — 10-15 page PDFs answering your questions on the hottest topics in today’s culture, such as Fortnite, Smartphones, and Sexting.
  • Conversation Kits — Watch these 50-minute videos with your students to help spark deep and meaningful conversations about the most important cultural themes in their lives.
  • Axis Summits — Over 250 expert interviews with the most influential people in youth education and spiritual formation.
  • Smartphone and Sex Talk Reboots — 30 days to rebooting and redefining the conversations around both of these vital topics, both of which will provide you with questions to ask your students, action steps, and questions to ponder personally.
  • Teen Talks — 10-day topical plans that are designed to help you have intentional conversations on tough topics.

How do I get access?

This is a great question, and I’ll start by saying it’s a year-long subscription for $5. You go to, and, if you are involved with BCBC, you’ll want to use a coupon code as you sign up for the family $99 AAP. Email Kyle Davison for this coupon code. This should bring the cost down from $99 to $5. If it’s telling you to pay more for it, stop, and let Kyle know, and let’s see if we can figure this out.

Where are the resources once I sign up?

Once you’ve done the subscription, the resources should be under members —> dashboard where you can search and filter to get specific resources. You should not have to pay for anything else. Let Kyle know if something isn’t working right.

How much content is there?

A lot! There is so much on there already that it will be easy to feel overwhelmed. Take some time with it as they continually add new content. Read one or two of the parent guides a week. Utilize some of the conversation kits or teen talks every so often. Don’t feel like you need to rush through all of this information as soon as you possibly can.

Will we always have this?

It depends. We were given the scholarship to make it happen for this year, and we’ll evaluate how y’all are using it near the end of the year subscription to see if we should continue to invest in this resource. I believe it will be a tremendous resource for you as you seek to understand your teenager(s) so that you can better disciple them. We want to equip you in the best way possible since you are going to have the biggest influence on their faith.