Sundays 9:50-10:40am

October 18th

Mission Sunday | Mike & Kim Saum, Missionaries to Kenya | Auditorium 9:50-10:30am

October 25 – November 29

The Ministry of Jesus | Roy Samuel | Room 8

The Gospels’ Account from Matthew, Mark, Luke & John

Bible Study Methods | Dennis Hunt | Room 14

Examining the Letter to the Ephesians

Conflicting Kingdoms | Dennis Hunt

Politics and Christian Engagement

Lesson 1: Who Is In Charge?  

Lesson 2: Are People and Government Good or Evil?

Lesson 3: Biblical Constructs for a Good Government

Lesson 4: Practical Application of Lessons 1-3 to Real Policy like Economics & Warfare

Lesson 5: Christian Engagement and Immigration

Lesson 6: Lesson 6 looks at issues like health care and homosexual behavior. It also summarizes how we should engage in politics.


The Bible at 40,000 Feet | Dennis Hunt

Lesson 1: A look at Genesis and how our world got into the mess it is in.  How Satan rules but God has a plan.  How to deal with times of trouble.  A big picture view of the Bible.

Lesson 2: Big picture view of the Bible written as a hero narrative with the overarching plot as God’s plan to restore what Satan corrupted.  Adapted from Dr. Charles Baylis’

Lesson 3: This lesson focuses on Jesus, the Messiah, and how his coming is the central theme of the Old Testament.

Lesson 4: This class walks 2,400 years of history through a timeline from Genesis.  It is amazing what you’ll notice when you graphically display the biblical data. 

Lesson 5: This lesson traces the history of Israel from its inception to the birth of Jesus. Combining this with the last timeline from Genesis gives a complete history that will bolster your faith. Old Testament Timeline 

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Ongoing Classes

Are You Ready for Leadership?

Learning How to Develop Good Leadership Skills                                                                               
Teacher: John Salvesen | BCBC Pastor John’s Office | To join contact

Newcomers Class | Begins October 25, 2020

Required to become a member of BCBC                                                                               
Teacher: BCBC Elders | BCBC Room 12