Adult Classes Are Offered Between Sunday Worship Services

Sundays 9:50 – 10:40am

June 23 – July 21

Promises from God: Genesis 10-19

Teacher: Michael Huckabee | BCBC Room 8

The Simplicity of the Gospel

Teacher: Scott Stein | BCBC Room 10

The Universe: ICR Video Series

Teacher: Dennis Hunt | BCBC Room 14

July 28 – August 25

Blessings: Genesis 25-50

Teacher: Jerry Ringe | BCBC Room 8

Ministering to Children

Teacher: Pastor Adam Scott | BCBC Room 10

Introduction to Bhutan

Teacher: Pastor Timothy Pachkoti | BCBC Room 14

Ongoing Classes

Are You Ready for Leadership?

Learning How to Develop Good Leadership Skills                                                                               
Teacher: John Salvesen | BCBC Pastor John’s Office | To join contact

Newcomers Class | TBD

Required to become a member of BCBC                                                                               
Teacher: BCBC Elders | BCBC Room 12