Sundays 9:50-10:40am

April 11 – May 16, 2021

Giving Their All | James Murray | Room 14

What Happened to the Apostles.  Investigates what the each of the twelve Apostles did after Christ went to Heaven.

The Victory of Jesus | Matthew Huckabee | Room 10

His Death and Resurrection.  Why is Christianity centered around Christ’s death and resurrection, and how does it change your life?

Four Views of Hell | Roy Samuel | Room 8

Theology That Drives Evangelism.  Although there are multiple views of how Hell works.  The key is avoiding it and telling everyone you know how to do the same.


Our Jewish Heritage | Dennis Hunt

Our Jewish Heritage: The impact of Jewish culture on the early Church – YouTube

Bible Study Methods | Dennis Hunt

 Bible Study Methods – Ephesians – YouTube

Conflicting Kingdoms | Dennis Hunt

 Conflicting Kingdoms: Politics and Christianity – YouTube                     

The Bible at 40,000 Feet | Dennis Hunt

The Bible at 40,000 Feet – YouTube


Ongoing Classes

Are You Ready for Leadership?

Learning How to Develop Good Leadership Skills                                                                               
Teacher: John Salvesen | BCBC Pastor John’s Office | To join contact

Newcomers Class | Next Class TBD

Required to become a member of BCBC                                                                               
Teacher: BCBC Elders | BCBC Room 12


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