Sundays 9:50-10:40am

August 29 – October 3, 2021

Introduction to Greek | Cody Montandon | Room 14

How to Use Bible Apps

Living for Jesus | Matthew Huckabee | Room 10

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey

Bible Study Methods | James Murray | Room 8

The Psalms

October 10 – November 14, 2021

Is Money My Idol?| Jake Beliveau | Room 14

Manage Well What God Provides

Persevere | Kurt Werner | Room 10

Paul’s Third Missionary Journey

It’s Not My Fault | Roy Samuel | Room 8

Hamartiology and a Biblical Response to Social Issues

6 Things Many Christians Get Wrong | Dennis Hunt

6 Things Many Christians Get Wrong – YouTube

Our Jewish Heritage | Dennis Hunt

Our Jewish Heritage: The impact of Jewish culture on the early Church – YouTube

Bible Study Methods | Dennis Hunt

 Bible Study Methods – Ephesians – YouTube

Conflicting Kingdoms | Dennis Hunt

 Conflicting Kingdoms: Politics and Christianity – YouTube                     

The Bible at 40,000 Feet | Dennis Hunt

The Bible at 40,000 Feet – YouTube


Ongoing Classes

Are You Ready for Leadership?

Learning How to Develop Good Leadership Skills                                                                               
Teacher: John Salvesen | BCBC Pastor John’s Office | To join contact

Newcomers Class | Next Class Begins August 29, 2021

Required to become a member of BCBC                                                                               
Teacher: BCBC Elders | BCBC Room 12


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