Adult Classes Are Offered Between Sunday Worship Services

Sundays 9:50 – 10:40am

December 30 – February 3

Time Management in a Hectic World

How to make time for ministry 
Teacher: Scott Stein | BCBC Room 10

Dealing with Difficult People

Learning how grace will change your perspective
Teacher: Jeff King | BCBC Room 14

The Reason for God

Answering the questions that hinder people’s faith
Teacher: John Fetter | BCBC Room 8

February 3 – March 24

The Inspiration of Scripture

The importance and believability of Scripture
Teacher: Roy Samuel | BCBC Room 8

There Really is a Difference

Exploring Dispensational and Covenant theology
Teacher: Cody Montandon | BCBC Room 14

When Tragedy Strikes

How to deal biblically with tragedy
Teacher: Gerald Ringe | BCBC Room 10

April 7 – May 12

God as Creator

The importance of Genesis in History
Teacher: Dennis Hunt | BCBC Room 8

US Law and the Christian Church

Freedom and constraint of religion in America
Teacher: Mark Mansfield | BCBC Room 14

The Work of the Spirit

How to know God’s will
Teacher: Martin Harter | BCBC Room 10

Ongoing Classes

Are You Ready for Leadership?

Learning How to Develop Good Leadership Skills                                                                               
Teacher: John Salvesen | BCBC Pastor John’s Office | To join contact

Newcomers Class (January 6 – February 3)

Required to become a member of BCBC                                                                               
Teacher: BCBC Elders | BCBC Room 12