Category: Building- Phase 2 Progress

Aerial Shots

Thanks to Paul Conn for these excellent aerial photos of the current status of Phase 2 construction!

Foundation Preparations

Digging grade beams. Forms set in place. 8” fire line work. Fire line work. Electrical panels installed. Corner of grade beam at pier location.

Piers Will Be Going in Soon

Concrete Subcontractor Shooting Gridlines Receiving Rebar Steel and Ties for Piers Tying Cages Up to the Sky Up to the Sky

Surveying & Service Panel

Surveying and Establishing Final Grade – 3/9/18: Receiving New Electrical Service Panel – 4/11/18:

Aerial Photos

Here’s a look at the current status of the building project from up above. Thanks to Paul Conn for these drone photos!

Building Pad Capped 100%

Great progress continues to be made on the Phase 2 building project!

Up Close!

Up close & personal with Phase 2 construction! Up Close! Smoothing out

Rain or Shine

A look at our contractors hard at work digging the foundation Phase 2: Rain or Shine

Ground has been broken!

Things are moving along!

A brief visual update of the progress on the Phase 2 building project. Our contractor has his office on-site & ready to go: The back lawn is fenced off and the north doors are boarded to prepare for some serious