Category: Building- Phase 2 Progress

Outside & In

Stucco Complete on North Wall Tile in Restrooms Pulling in New Service Wire for New Addition New Carpet in Classrooms Electrical in Sound Booth Conduit in Youth Auditorium Room Pass-Through Window & New Door Going into the Catering Kitchen

Prime Time

  Priming Walls in Hallway on West Side Priming Walls in Gym on North Side Priming North Wall in Worship Room Ceiling Grid Completed in Catering Kitchen Installing Lights in Catering Kitchen Final color on Stucco North Wall A/C Vents

Door Busting

Windows Installed Curbs on West Side Installed Insulation of Duct Work Duct Work in Gym Area Removal of Doors and Frames in Phase I

Duct, Walls, & Panels Abounding

Drywall North Wall Children’s Play Area Duct Work in Children’s Play Area New MDP Panel Drywall East Wall Duct Work for Youth Auditorium Electrical Room


More great progress continues to be made on Phase 2! Stucco scaffolding and start of lath Brick completing on east side HVAC and sheetrock HVAC spiral duct prepared to install Insulation in exterior wall HVAC duct installing

Filling In

Demolition completing on existing building Interior framing nearing completion Roof ridge cap nearing completion HVAC rough in continues Exterior sheathing and Tyvek complete west side Exterior sheathing complete north wall

Made in the Shade

The roof is going up and things are really taking shape on the inside! Roofing Panels Installation Connection of New Building to Existing Building Classrooms Left, Restrooms and AWANA Beyond on Right Exterior Sheathing on Back Wall Start of Center


Final Pieces of Rigid Frame Assembled Readying for Cables that Support Roof Insulation Installing Support Cabling Final Pieces of Roof Purlins Installed Start of Center Section of Roof Structure Support Cabling Installation

Taking Shape

A great amount of progress took place last week even as VBS went on both in front of and inside the building. The structure is taking shape!

Vertical Momentum

 The frame is going up on Phase 2!