Adult classes are offered between Sunday Worship Services

Sunday’s 9:50 – 10:40am

Sep 10- Oct 15

Newcomers’ Class

Teacher: Bob Maurer, John Salvesen, Library

Interested in becoming a member at BCBC? Come find out more about who we are as a church, what we believe, what our mission is, and how God may be calling you to be a part. Sign up at the Information Center Table.

Life of the Apostles: Men, Mission, Message

Teacher: Jerry Ringe, Room 8

Explore the life of select Apostles and find meaningful life application for your own walk with Jesus.

Discipleship 101 – Self Discipline

Teachers: Dennis Hunt, John Salvesen, Room 14

Understand how God created you for a purpose. We will assess and experience your personality types, Love Languages, and Spiritual Gifts in an interactive class.

Oct 29 – Dec 17

Becoming a Small Group Leader

Teacher: Scott Stein, Room 8

Learn and experience how to lead a small group discussion. Everyone should develop the skills to listen, direct, and redirect a group conversation.

Jesus and the Old Testament

Teacher: Dennis Hunt, Room 14

Jesus did not just give good advice for moral living, but in all His parables and discourses, He fulfilled the Law.